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In recent years, Dubai has become the most prestigious tourist destination. Luxury hotels, Arabian culture, spectacular fountains, world-class shopping, yacht trips, fishing trips, water sports – all of this attracts tourists from all over the world.

Dubai fishing charters will definitely change your perception of this exceptional megalopolis. It’s not something new for adventurous tourists or anyone who really enjoys fishing, but it’s well worth it. Not only is it a great way to see Dubai Marina and Coastline from the sea, the fishing tours will also bring you and your friends or family many unforgettable memories. If you are fed up with typical Dubai attractions, pay attention to this alternative which is all historical, cultural, luxurious, active and emotional.

Most of the city of Dubai is located along the sea, which makes fishing trips popular not only among tourists but also among residents. Those new to fishing need not worry about choosing such an activity, there will always be an experienced boat captain who will teach you how to navigate and catch your first fish. However, if you have fishing experience, Dubai Fishing Charter is a must see for you! There are a variety of fishing and boat charters that you can choose from. There is always the option of choosing which species you want to target and the captains will give you all the advice on how to do it.

Fishing boats are generally smaller than yachts, but they are stable in the water and designed for easier use. Fishing charters are the best way to get away from the noisy city to have a good time with your family and friends.

Fishing trips are a great way to sail, soak up the sun, and a great view while learning a new skill. It is a great adventure for family, groups of friends and solo tourists. The experienced team of fishing charters will assist you and teach you everything you need to know to catch your first trophy fish. Experienced anglers can take the opportunity to show off their skills and learn new tricks from professional captains.

The sea can sometimes be unpredictable and dangerous. Fishing on the Dubai coast requires water expertise that cannot be acquired overnight. No matter if this is your first time to fish or if you have been doing it for years, you need the guidance of an experienced team to ensure your trip to Dubai’s waters.

What can you catch on the cost of Dubai?

Before skyscrapers and luxury hotels, Dubai was first and foremost a fishing destination. There are a lot of pelagic fish and the sea. Unfortunately, due to the progress and development of the city, the sailboat is no longer in Dubai waters. Depending on the time of year, your catch may be small sharks, barracudas, queenfish, tunas, trevally, cobias, and groupers.

What type of fishing can you do on the Dubai fishing tour?

There are many ways to fish. Fishing methods usually depend on the species you plan to catch. The most popular options are drift fishing and trolling. Drift fishing is best suited for beginners. It’s easy to learn and is guaranteed to have a grip. The method is perfect for targeting small to medium sized fish. Usually they will use a squid or a small fish as bait to attract the species you have targeted. The drift method is perfect for group fishing as anyone can try it out. On the other hand, trolling is a more practical choice if you are looking for larger, heavier fish. By dropping lures on the back of a fishing boat, you are guaranteed to catch a lot of fish as you sail along the coast.

For more advanced and experienced anglers, fishing charters offer cast, bait and jig fishing.

When is the best time to go fishing in Dubai?

You need to make your plans according to the behavior of the fish you want to catch. If you are looking for snapper or catfish you are in luck because they never leave Dubai waters. Winter in Dubai would be considered the best for fishing. From October to May, the fish tend to move closer to the surface making it easier to fish anytime and using different fishing methods. During the summer, fish swim deeper in the water due to high temperatures and heat waves. If you come to fish during this time, you will need to go deeper into the sea and at a specific time, such as just before sunset or sunrise. But if you’re a fan of breathtaking views, this shouldn’t stop you!

Fishing charters in Dubai are not just about fishing. It’s an experience you won’t get anywhere else in the world. You can spend quiet moments with your loved ones, time that will be found to be more therapeutic and meditative. If you are the person who takes the party with you wherever you go, you might like the fishing charter too. Gather with friends, to share special moments together and celebrate all your trophies afterwards with a spectacular view of Dubai city and if you are lucky you may even spot fireworks in the sky.

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Wrap, fishing in Dubai city has been part of the culture since the 1880s. Much has changed, especially the urban line you have from the sea;), but the emotions that you can gain and share with your loved ones are still the. Be encouraged to share the experience of learning something new with friends or get new tips from professional captains, teach your kids to fish. If you are traveling to Dubai or are an expat looking to do more local activities and feel the life of real Dubai people, Dubai fishing charters are the hidden gem for you! Explore your options on boats and crews, choose targets to become your trophy, and get ready to sail!


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