Scenic City Fishing Charters adds Scott Lillie guide


Scenic City Fishing Charters has announced another expansion and now offers seven fishing guides to serve anglers looking to explore Tennessee’s waterways.

In business since 2006, Scenic City Fishing Charters offers guided fishing trips for bass, trophy catfish, crappie and now trout.

Guide Scott Lillie “now offers a unique opportunity that very few other guides in Tennessee, or even the South, offer. Lillie specializes in deep water trolling techniques using downriggers and boards. It can carry up to two anglers targeting lake trout, rainbow trout and brown trout. Bass and walleye are also potential side benefits.

“Unlike Scenic City’s six other fishing guides, Lillie doesn’t fish at the Chattanooga Gate. She hits the road with a specific focus on the Watauga, Dale Hollow, Chilhowee, and Calderwood reservoirs. Tennessee’s cold, deep water is home to excellent trout populations thanks to the state’s aggressive reservoir storage programs. Lillie’s favorite summer lake is Watauga in Upper East Tennessee.

“No fishing experience or expertise is required. This can be a great new experience for the avid trout fisherman, or the same great experience for someone who has never touched a fishing rod, including children. “

“This is due to a well-established thermocline that clogs the fish in a narrower water band where their preferred water temperature is located,” he said. “In addition, the rainbow trout returned from spawning in the upper tributaries of the lake.”

Lillie joins the six other guides already working with Scenic City Fishing Charters, making it one of Tennessee’s largest professional fishing guide operations. TripAdvisor ranks Scenic City Fishing Charters as a “5 Star, Hall of Fame” company and # 1 outdoor activity in Chattanooga (out of 41 outdoor oriented companies).

Along with Captain Lillie, Captain Richard Simms is also supported by Captain Sam Simons, Captain Ben Hayes, Captain Ty Konkle, Captain Joe Jellison and Captain Chris Peters.


Born in Chattanooga, Captain Simms began his conservation career as a game ranger for the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency before becoming a wildlife photographer and public relations manager for TWRA. Children came and the desire to return to Chattanooga, leading to a second career as a professional television news reporter for a Chattanooga television station and freelance outdoor writer. Captain Simms created Scenic City Fishing Charters in 2006, guiding part-time at the start. He gave up his career in television in 2014 to devote himself full time to the profession of guide.

“Scenic City Fishing Charters is truly a labor of love for me,” said Captain Simms. “The town of Chattanooga and the business leaders have done a tremendous job developing our riverside. But our desire is to get people out of the mainland and into the water. It’s one thing to see giant fish in the Tennessee Aquarium. It’s a whole different experience. to see one at the end of your line. “


Captain Ben Hayes is the main traditional bar guide (using artificial lures) for Scenic City Fishing Charters. He caught his first bass at the age of six. Chickamauga has been his home lake for almost thirty years and he says it has been very exciting to see it become one of the most beautiful bass lakes in the country. Captain Hayes enjoys helping others catch Big Bass, guiding all anglers’ abilities … from mom and dad taking their young children on their first bass fishing trip, to seasoned anglers.


Captain Simons is a part-time teacher and guide when he is not in class. His peers in education call him “the fishing teacher”. He and Captain Simms became friends in 2009 when they teamed up on one of Captain Simons’ student outings, rewarding top performing students with a fishing trip. Soon after, Captain Simons decided that guiding was the perfect way to spend his days away from the classroom “educating” others about the abundant fishing opportunities on the Tennessee River.


Captain Ty Konkle is perhaps the best trophy catfish guide for Scenic City Fishing Charters with what often seems like an odd ability to find river monsters. He considers himself “a student of all things catfish”. He even keeps a huge aquarium full of blue, flathead catfish in his home. He likes to catch numbers and is certainly good at it, but given the choice he likes to “go fat or come home”. He says that’s why the phrase “It’s called fishing, not catching!” Is sometimes true.


Captain Joe Jellison actually started out as a client of Scenic City Fishing Charters. Now the student has become the teacher. Like Captain Simons, Captain Jellison is a teacher, guiding part-time, full-time during the summer and during other class breaks. His cat fishing exploits are known from afar thanks to his incredibly popular YouTube channel called Chatt Cats Fishing with over 86,000 subscribers, gaining national and even global notoriety.


Captain Chris Peters organizes traditional largemouth bass tours on Chickamauga Lake with Captain Hayes. When not out on the water hunting bass, Captain Peters serves his community in fighting fires as a full-time firefighter. Captain Peters grew up on Chickamauga Lake where he cut his teeth as a young angler in local tournaments. He has consistently led the Chattanooga Bass Association Tournament Trail rankings and other tournament tours along the Tennessee River system.


Guide Scott Lillie cut his teeth learning to troll trout and salmon on the Great Lakes. He grew up loving the highly specialized downrigging and trolling techniques and transferred the skills he had learned over the past 30 years to Tennessee. He says, “These tools allow us to present our bait in waters that cannot be fished with traditional techniques. Lillie can carry up to two anglers targeting lake trout, rainbow trout and brown trout. Bass and walleye are also potential side benefits. And best of all, it’s on gorgeous water in some of Tennessee’s most scenic areas. As the saying goes, “trout only live in pretty places”. Sit back, relax and enjoy a unique trout fishing trip with Lillie. Lillie also manufactures and sells her own lures.


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