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The Marco Sportfishing Club held its monthly membership meeting on Thursday, October 7, 2021 in the Bald Eagle Hall in Mackle Park. The meeting began at 7:00 p.m. and included a guest speaker, Captain Steve Dall of Poseidon’s Choice Fishing Charters, and an editor of the Florida Sportsman Field Editor.

Meeting attendance was typical for the month of October with 65 club members in attendance. Many of our more than 400 members are seasonal and have not yet returned to Marco Island.

Captain Dall’s presentation drew on over 30 years of fishing experience, both as a tournament professional and as a charter guide in the 10,000 islands. Captain Dall explained how he approaches a day of fishing and encouraged members to plan their fishing trip to effectively maximize their time on the water, targeting the species of fish they hunt. He spent time detailing the research he did with other guides on the effectiveness of using artificial bait over live bait and showed that you can cover more fishing grounds using these decoys. Captain Dall also provided advice on what he considers his top four lures that he takes with him on the boat. The presentation was very well received by those in attendance and many questions were posed to Captain Dall as the club has two swamp redfish events scheduled for October. Captain Dall is also the owner of Wyze Guyz Tackle

In addition to Captain Dall’s presentation, the meeting recognized the winners of the September fishing event, the “Double Dose”, which targeted snook and rockfish. The objective of this event was to catch at least one of each of these species and to report the largest fish caught. As with most club events, we practice “catch and release” with a photographic survey of the fish caught.

There are also two ongoing long term tournaments. The Triple Crown, a four-month event that runs from July 1 to October 31, targets snook, rockfish and tarpon slam. Our fishermen have four months to catch all three and report the larger rockfish and snooks. Tarpons are treated differently to protect the species, and the fisherman only has to submit a photo of the fish beside the boat and touch the leader. Tarpons are released as quickly as possible.

The other tournament, the “Offshore Slam”, focuses on deep-sea fishing and targets grouper, snapper, license and cobia. This event takes place all year round. It is extremely difficult because fishermen have to catch all four species to qualify. Once qualified, the size of the reported fish will determine the winner.

Both tournaments are sponsored by local businesses. The Triple Crown is sponsored by the Morgan Stanley Compass Group and the Offshore Slam is proudly sponsored by Rose Marina.

The meeting also included notification of upcoming fishing events in October, the highly competitive “Redfish Two-Angler” and the more relaxed “Redfish XVI Team” competition.

Event managers for our club’s social activities provided details of a picnic in conjunction with the Redfish XVI team competition and our holiday party scheduled for December.

The next meeting of the Marco Sportfishing Club will be on the first Thursday of November 4, 2021 at Mackle Park. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. This reunion will feature Captain Ken Chambers of the Backcountry Guide Service with the theme “Backwater Insights”

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