CY Fishing Charters Adds Big Cat to Fleet


CY Fishing Charters, located on Cape York’s remote east coast, set the bar higher for 2014 with a new custom-built 8m double-hull Offshore Marine Master sport fisher joining its fleet in July.

The new vessel, which has yet to be named, will carry 900 liters of fuel and will be powered by two Suzuki 200 hp outboards. It will include a complete cabin, a forward casting platform with safety rails on both port / starboard sides, a side door for accessibility, a casting area on the roof of the cabin with safety rails to front and sides and was built with a minimalist approach, focused on usability and functionality.

Currently serviced by a smaller aluminum cat and two fiberglass dories, CY Fishing Charters’ new larger cat will provide many options for visitors to this iconic and abundant fishing area.

From the tangle of sailboats on the outer reef, fast mackerel and tasty coral trout in previously unfished waters to extended 1-3 day trips to the rivers on the east and west coasts of Cape York targeting the enigmatic barramundi, the new cat allows CY to tow a few tenders and use the ship as a mother ship, camping on board or camping ashore. They will even organize tours of Thursday Island, 50 km from Albany Island’s home port.

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