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With the return of routine and responsibilities comes the need for a place to retreat. Locals can find this at Grapevine’s new cafe, Pax & Beneficia.

“Grapevine is a very central location, and it has a lot to offer,” says Operations Manager Corey Stephens. “A lot of people here love the downtown wine bar scene, and we just felt like it would be a good location because of that and also [because] it is near the airport. It’s good to catch travelers who will come and share our coffee across the country.

With its name meaning peace and blessings in Latin, this cafe – which has two other locations in Las Colinas and Fort Worth – aims to provide just that for its customers, with an interior full of comfortable seating as well as a front-row view of its roasting operations.

Whether you come to work or relax with a book, Pax & Beneficia offers a wide range of coffee selections to sip. Along with its regular drip coffee, the shop also offers cold brews, French press, and Turkish coffee. Espresso drinks such as Americanos, lattes, cappuccinos and mochas are very hot. Additionally, many flavored syrups, including cardamom, chocolate, honey, lavender, rose, and coconut, are made in-house.

Pax & Beneficia also offers a rotating seasonal menu. Among its summer offerings are Berry & Cream Cold Brew, which is a blend of iced coffee with blueberry and raspberry syrup, and Coco Mocha, which features a blend of coconut syrup and raspberry. homemade chocolate.

For drinks without coffee, the concept offers several delicious teas such as the timeless matcha, London fog, chai and mint black tea. Smoothies like Lemon Mint and Strawberry Banana offer additional fruity selections. And when it comes to food, the cafe offers several premium toasties such as PB&J and fruit and sweet ricotta.

So whether you’re dropping by for an after-school pickup, spending an afternoon at work, or just want to soak up the café vibe, Pax & Beneficia is ready to welcome you with peace and blessings.


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