Choppy seas and high winds prevent fishing charters from going offshore


FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla .– Bad weather over the past two weekends has had fishing charters seeking to go offshore, anchored in the marina.

“This was the first big cold-front swing of the season,” said Captain John Gauntt, Day 5 Charters at Fort Myers Beach.

Over the past two weekends, they’ve had to cancel or convince customers to change their fishing plans and not go offshore.

“Winds of 20 mph, there’s no way out on the water,” Gauntt said.

Captain John says the cold and windy weekends have yet to put Day 5 charters on the panic button.

Instead, they use the colder weather to find warmer waters near the shore.

“Four miles from shore we see big yellow tail snappers entering the boat, which is not normal for anything inside 9 feet,” Gauntt said.

During the cooler months, Gauntt says the fish are already less active, which means fewer stings for anglers.

Now add strong winds and the captains have to rely on their years of experience to find fish.

This isn’t exactly the ideal situation as Thanksgiving charters and the Christmas holidays approach, two of the busiest times of the year for Day 5 charters.

“The water temperature plunges like that, we know how to go to that place where the water stays warmer at depth … I just hope we have no one to limit ourselves to, it must be a trip to the large, “mentioned

Captain John says that for guests who don’t mind bundling up in cold weather, there is still plenty of great fishing to do.

Despite the last weekends, Captain Gauntt says he’s not ready to bite the idea that it’s a sign of the season ahead.

“We’re a little excited about the quality of the fish coming in, when we only caught maybe four or five fish, in a four hour trip when we target Snook and Red Fish, Permit and Cobia. .we got to some lunkers, ”Gauntt said.

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