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By Jon Scheve, Superior Feed Ingredients, LLC

Everyone wants to know how bad bean yields in South America will be. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to accurately predict future bean yields. Even in the United States, most farmers I know don’t want to estimate their bean yields until the combine is in the field, let alone a month or two before.

The bean recovery in recent weeks is mainly due to persistent dry weather in the southern third of Brazil and much of Paraguay, which typically produces about 10% of the Brazilian crop size. While crops in both countries have suffered, the extent of yield reductions is still uncertain. Last summer, predictions ran wild about poor American bean yields in the northwest soybean belt. Ultimately, farmers in these areas were surprised that their yields were not as badly affected as originally feared. Likewise, it simply seems too early to accurately estimate final bean yields in South America at this time.

Argentine beans still have a growing season ahead of them, so the weather there could still have a big effect on final yields.

That leaves US bean sourcing as the global “bean backup” plan. If everyone runs out, American beans become much more valuable. In the end, everything will depend on the weather and if someone could accurately predict the long-term weather, they could also predict future prices.

If South America’s crop continues to be reduced, US bean prices will rise. If this happens, it could potentially cause an acreage battle with corn in the spring.

Corn Prospects

Corn prices seem to have stagnated temporarily. Ethanol inventories are extremely high and profits at these plants have fallen significantly in the recent recovery. Additionally, tank car logistics issues also slow the movement of the finished product. For prices to recover, dry weather in Argentina later this month will be needed to help bring export demand back to the United States.

Market Action

On January 25, an open March corn futures sell order at $6.25 that I had in place was met. The order was for 10% of my 2021 production. I am now sold at 60% on my corn from the old harvest.

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