Watch out! These are the risks of not saving

Saving should represent an important part of our lives. Some believe that saving will not allow them to give themselves certain tastes without being aware of the portfolio; however, it is not about that.

On the contrary, having a monthly or annual savings goal allows you to give yourself some even greater tastes

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It is not about saving all the money you can, but about finding a reasonable percentage that allows you to give yourself certain luxuries and, in turn, fatten the savings account. But what if I don’t want to do it? If I still think that saving is a waste of time? These are just a few examples of the risks you run when your savings are at zero or a very small amount.

1. You cannot face an emergency (accidents, dismissals, illnesses, etc.).

2. You cannot extend your assets (house, car, etc.), since you do not have the money necessary to give the down payment.

3. It does not transmit good practices to your children and / or family (teaching that saving is important can help change the future of yours).

4. You cannot quit a job you don’t like and use your savings to survive peacefully for a few months while you find another.

5. You do not have enough capital to start your own business.

As you see, those are just a few examples

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One of the main advantages of saving is that it allows you to face the future with some peace of mind, knowing that in some way, you have how to survive.

Do not forget that to make your savings even more worthwhile

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The ideal is to grow over time. Put them in an account that pays you good interest, so while you save, you will also earn something extra. Compare your options and choose the one that suits you.

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